Home Depot corporate employees charged with stealing co-workers’ personal info [updated]

Rachel Stockman reports:

The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a security breach at Atlanta-based Home Depot’s corporate headquarters. According to a criminal complaint, three human resources employees were arrested after accessing employees’ confidential information and opening fraudulent credit cards.


Home Depot has notified the affected employees and is offering free credit monitoring.

Read more on WSBTV.

Updated October 21, 2015: The employee originally named by Home Depot and prosecutors was cleared within a month and all charges against her dismissed. As a result, and at her request that attached proof of the dismissal of charges, DataBreaches.net has edited the original post to remove any reference to her.

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  1. Brandi - February 18, 2014

    Really was upsetting to receive a PERSONAL letter (not a Dear Home Depot Employee) telling me
    that I will be offered the free credit monitoring. Big deal..for one year and who does it help? I had to go to the three major credit _ TransUnion, Equifax, Experian and FREEZE my credit. Is that FAIR? I
    did that on my own, no suggestion from Home Depot. This is insane that I am one of the 300 who are
    affected and here Home Depot has the nerve to not even tell ALL their employees of what was discovered. I think a Class Action Lawsuit is in order..I am IN!

    • den - March 4, 2014

      i was one out of 300 home depot employees who was also affected from the atlanta breach i agree its not fair that our credit reports will be pulling us down and all they want to offer the associates who were affected a 1 year protection i agree im in to bring a lawsuit up aganist home depot

  2. Robert.Walter - February 23, 2014

    I begin to chuckle when I see the obligatory 1 year credit monitoring offers being made as I assume criminals with moxie will wait 13 months before they try to use stolen info.

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