Home Depot settles breach lawsuit

Jonathan Stempl reports that Home Depot has settled a lawsuit over its 2014 breach. As part of the settlement, the firm will reportedly pay $13 million to compensate consumers  and $6.5 million to fund 1-1/2 years of identity protection services for cardholders.

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  1. Anonymous - March 9, 2016

    at this rate, everyone in the USA will have 50 years of Identifty theft monitoring. The stuff is worthless unless it thwarts the use of unauthorized PII. Most simply alert you and say, oh, by the way someone used your PII….. =\

    • Dissent - March 9, 2016

      I put security freezes of my credit reports more than one year ago and just continue to renew them. Gives a bit more peace of mind than these credit monitoring services.

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