Honda Belarus Breached, Accounts and Data leaked by @Ag3nt47

honda Earlier today hacker @ag3nt47 announced that they were sick of Honda ads (sponsored tweets) on twitter and that they would be hacked. > I HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE THESE TWITTER ADS!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU HONDA! YOUR GETTING HACKED! ~47 — Ag3ηт47 ♣ ʎʇIɹnɔǝS (@Ag3nt47) May 23, 2013

As it turns out they have actually carried out this breach on the official Honda Belarus ( website leaving a small amount of data leaked online just a short time ago. Ag3nt47 announced the breach from their twitter account and have uploaded the data to pastebin and > Honda Hacked By Ag3nt47 #Hacked honda.byFuck your twitter or… — Ag3ηт47 ♣ ʎʇIɹnɔǝS (@Ag3nt47) May 23, 2013

The leaked data is in the format of a premade tool extraction but either way it shows that the targeted website, which has been unannounced was insecure allowing for this to be done. The data leaked contains 2 administrator account, site related information such as visitor and administrator user agent details from a log system and what appears to be other user details who have registered with the site. The administrator credentials contain usernames, encrypted passwords and so does the other user accounts. A majority of the information is in Russian and translates poorly with Google translate but the site it has come from is an official Honda based site owned by Honda international or Paritetservis Ltd. check-domain-name I wonder if Honda can use its Vtec system to make its security boost more when under attack since it seems to think its one of the best systems in the automotive world. Either way they really need to look more in to security of the systems worldwide as do many other automotive based websites as we are seeing more and more of them breached as time goes on.

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