Honda Data Breach Triggers Lawsuit [repost]


Mathew J. Schwartz reports:

… As with the Sony breach, lawyers for Honda customers filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of affected customers, seeking 200 million Canadian dollars ($206 million). The claim says that the breach exposed customers to “theft of their identity, theft from their bank accounts, and theft from their debit and credit cards.” It also says that Honda failed to disclose the breach to customers “in a reasonable amount of time.”

Read more on InformationWeek.

I don’t expect that the lawsuit has much chance of prevailing, but there’s another interesting aspect to the breach mentioned in the news story:

Honda’s data breach apparently also puts the company in violation of Canadian law. “Data breaches like these underline the importance of one of the fundamental tenets of Canadian privacy law: that personal information shall be retained only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was created or collected and, once no longer required, should be destroyed, erased, or made anonymous,” said David Elder, a lawyer at Ottawa-based law firm Stikeman Elliot, in a blog post.

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