Hong Kong liquidator KPMG claims it took ‘stolen’ Sing Pao records and hardware

Sometimes a “breach” is not a breach. Eddie Lee reports:

Accounting firm KPMG insisted yesterday that it was carrying out its duties as provisional liquidator in collecting computer hardware and electronic records from financially-troubled newspaper Sing Pao Daily News.


In a statement, KPMG called the allegations surrounding the theft and misappropriation of computer hard drives “entirely without foundation”.

“In carrying out the duties given to them by the court, the provisional liquidators and their authorised personnel have been in attendance at Sing Pao‘s offices. As part of their duties, the provisional liquidators are required to secure and copy information, including electronic records relating to the company and its subsidiaries,” the firm explained. The cash was not mentioned in the statement.

Read more on South China Morning Post. It’s not clear what personal or propietary information may have been on hard drives. I hope there were no unencrypted confidential news tips or identities exposed on the drives.


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