Hookup Service ‘Adult FriendFinder’ May Have Been Hacked—Again

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai reports:

Online hookup website “Adult FriendFinder” might have been hacked—again.

On Tuesday evening, a hacker known as Revolver or 1×0123 claimed to have breached into the service, posting two screenshots that appeared to show he had access to some portion of the website’s infrastructure. Another notorious hacker known as Peace also claimed to have hacked in, and obtained a database of 73 million users.

The screenshots themselves didn’t prove Revolver’s claims, but Peace told Motherboard last week that he had hacked into Adult FriendFinder. When contacted after Revolver’s claims on Twitter, Peace said that he gave some other hackers, including Revolver, “everything, all [FriendFinder Network],” mentioning the site’s parent company.

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Meanwhile, over on Twitter, 1×0123 denies that he got anything from Peace:

But here’s the thing: a third hacker told me about this hack on July 16. He informed me that there were about 70 million users or records. He also made certain claims about what the internal records showed which I am not repeating here because he provided no proof of those claims.

That third hacker might have learned about the hack from Peace, as they have allegedly had some connection in the past, but if that’s the case, then did Peace really hack/exfiltrate AFF only last week as he told Motherboard, or did the hack occur months earlier?

There’s more to find out…

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