Hospital employee allegedly makes fun of patient's medical condition on Facebook; officials investigating

Susan Abram reports:

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center officials are investigating an employee who allegedly posted a patient’s medical information on his Facebook page, apparently to make fun of the woman and her medical condition.

According to a printout of the Facebook page obtained by the Daily News, the employee displayed a photo of a medical record listing the woman’s name and the date she was admitted, and posted the comment: “Funny but this patient came in to cure her VD and get birth control.”

Providence officials said the employee was provided by a staffing agency.

“We are investigating this report and if necessary will work with the staffing agency to ensure the individual is not allowed to work in the future in any Providence facility,” hospital officials said in a statement. “We also will work with the agency to continue to provide training for contractors to comply with our patient privacy policies and our core values.”

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As if the conduct wasn’t outrageous enough, the ethically-challenged moron individual who posted the photo and information actually attempted to defend his actions:

But he defends the posting and insists he will leave it up, writing: “People, it’s just Facebook…Not reality. Hello? Again…It’s just a name out of millions and millions of names. If some people can’t appreciate my humor than tough. And if you don’t like it too bad because it’s my wall and I’ll post what I want to. Cheers!”

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