Hospital worker: Ex-husband’s email snooping violated patient rights

Priscilla DeGregory and Laura Italiano report:

It was a new low — even for her already sneaky, abusive ex-husband.

A New York anesthesiologist testified Wednesday that she was “completely shocked” to learn that her physician husband had been reading her emails for seven years — including as they separated, divorced, and battled over support and custody.

The privacy violation even jeopardized the confidentiality of her patients at Lutheran Hospital, where it resulted in the scuttling of important research, Dr. Annabelle Zaratzian told a federal jury in Westchester County.

Read more on NY Post.

So I’m guessing she didn’t use encrypted email for her patients/research participants. Was that consistent with Lutheran Hospital’s policies? I realize this case is about her ex-husband’s conduct, but what about the HIPAA aspects?

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