Host Gator Hacked, Data leaked By Digital Corruption

Digital Corruption member @**s0lar **has just announced a hack that is surely to make main media, Well known and world wide popular webhosting service supplier has been hacked. The hack/leak was announced via twitter and posted to

s0lar ‏@s0lar Ohai, Hostgator. @TheHackerNews @eHackingNews@BreakTheSec @TechHomeBacon #DigitalCorruption

The leak contains a fwe message thruout the leak file as well as personal information of the owner and employees. The leak also contains a massive amount of dns and subdomains used by hostgator. It also contains the following message which suggests that alot of sites are about to become victims of this hack as well.

I also have a hold of about 15 gator host box’s "aka clouds" With about 20 sites on each, so expect about 300 defaces soon. And I keep grabbing more clouds and more information recall information is power. And Brent C. Oxley nice emails:)

It also contains some emails from people to hostgator which is labelled "A Proposed Federal Information Processing Standard for an Escrowed" They also claim that the leaked emails came from a cleartext list, but they have refused to leak the innocent peoples passwords but they have added this message.

//Not Releasing Passwords, this was from the Main user interface, they keep your passwords in plain text and have access to your computer + meaning they keylogged you.

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