Hosting Provider Finally Takes Down Spyware Leak of Thousands of Photos and Phone Calls

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai  has an update on a recent story:

A company that sells cellphone spyware to consumers left 95,000 images and more than 25,000 audio recordings on a server accessible to anyone on the internet for weeks. The sensitive data was so easy to access, that Motherboard couldn’t even name the spyware company in its report without risking more people finding and abusing that data.

But now, after Motherboard reported the breach, the company that was hosting the database took the whole spyware company’s site down.

Read more on Motherboard.

So whose data were these?  According to Motherboard:

Earlier this year, security researcher and student Cian Heasley found the server, which belonged to Mobiispy,

This might be a good situation for federal and state law enforcement and regulators to look into.

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