Nov 082014

I’m having deja vu because I could have sworn I had already reported this type of scam  on this blog, but since I can’t find it now….

Aaron Akinyemi reports:

Up to 10,000 customers of the hotel booking website have been the victims of scammers using fraudulently obtained email addresses to steal thousands of pounds, the company has been forced to reveal.

An investigation by the BBC programme Money Box found that fraudsters accessed reservations, enabling them to obtain contact details which they used to send customers demands for pre-payment.

Read more on IBT, keeping in mind that itself wasn’t breached, and that in many cases, the scammers may obtain the details they need from the partner hotels by social engineering.

  2 Responses to “Hotel Website Booking.Com Targeted by Phishing Scammers”

  1. Guess what…..I’m on my 4th credit card in as many months. 3 cards have been used for fraudulent transactions. The common demoninator is guess who, Now I’m not casting any aspersions, but……………it now makes sense.

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