Hounddawg torrent tracker breached, all users and source leaked

On the 31st of december a user going by the alias t-B0ne posted a statement to pastebin.com about the breach on an popular torrent tracker hounddawg.org after days earlier the site was breached and taken offline.

The breach happened on the 27th of december and was posted to various places by hounddawgs.org users who noticed something was up, after doing a bit of digging i discovered a thread on https://www.shellsec.pw that seems to be the source of this incident, if not the main source its at least the source that is sharing the leaked data freely. A user going by the name JesperS posted late on the 27th the following image that makes claim that well known hacker collective anonymous is behind this breach and that the ower has been widthdrawing donations for personal usage.

After the orginal post and a few comments back the same user JesperS posted a link to file sharing website uploadfiles.io that contains a list of 43,124 users id, user names, partially censored email and ip address to which some users commented saying it was a dull dump and that they had hoped for a little more.


Yesterday on the 31st of december a user on the shellsec.pw and on the same thread as the orginal posted two links, one to pastebin and one to another file on uploadfiles.io. The link to pastebin is a post by t-B0ne that claims that hounddawgs did not learn their lession so they are now dumping the full database and source of the hounddawgs website. t-B0ne also claims that they went to the irc channel to attempt to talk to them only to be banned by a "staffer" named tast3blood because he didnt like the fact that t-B0ne had come to help them. t-B0ne also explains that the fact the server had no disk encryption and the amount of logging they did on the server makes them even more mad.

The file that was uploaded to fileuploads.io is a .torrent that contains 3 files with a total size of just over 20GB, the extracted size of the database alone is said to be 55gb with 95% of that logs.


The leaked source code int he torrent file is a complete copy of the public_html folder with 10,350 files.


The 20gb compressed tar.gz file expands to 54.4GB sql file named .full.sql, most of this file is full with log junk.

Currently the hounddawgs url redirects to https://infinity-t.org which recently also has been under attack. A recent google cache shows the link between infinity-t.org and hounddawgs.org.


And thats the end of yet another torrent tracker.

About the author: Lee J

Security Analyst, Developer, OSINT, https://www.ctrlbox.com

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