How an Accused Russian Hacker on Tropical Holiday was Nabbed by U.S. Agents

Del Quentin Wilber describes the final chapter in  the U.S.’s attempts to capture Russian hacker Roman Seleznev, aka “Track2,” who was arrested last July and charged with hacking hundreds of businesses.

Seleznev, who had been indicted in absentia in March 2011, had over 2 million stolen credit card numbers on his laptop at the time of his arrest, resulting in a second superceding indictment in October 2014 that charged him with 11 additional counts.

But how did the U.S. finally capture him? Wilber has the details of how the hacker’s penchant for expensive resorts gave the U.S. a window of opportunity if the  Maldivian police and weather cooperated.  It’s the stuff spy plots on tv are based on.

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