How Cybercriminals Abuse OpenBullet for Credential Stuffing

Cedric Pernet, Fyodor Yarochkin, and Vladimir Kropotov write:

… The trend for access-related cybercrime, such as credential stuffing, is steadily rising with no sign of slowing down. According to an Akamai report, there has been a total of 88 billion credential stuffing attacks from January 2018 to December 2019.

Credential stuffing, a type of a brute-force attack that makes use of botnets to access websites and online services using stolen credentials, allows financially motivated actors to gain unfettered access to victims’ bank accounts and sensitive information. Cybercriminals also profit from stolen credentials by selling them in underground forums and markets.

As the business of acquiring unique credentials continues to become more lucrative, cybercriminals are enriching their attack tools and techniques by abusing legitimate software for nefarious purposes.

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