How much did that meal really cost you?

Some days, it’s just disheartening how little progress we seem to have made in preventing some of the most common types of breaches. Today’s example is from Glenmont, New York:

 … everybody who has eaten at the Golden Town Buffet since June 15th through August 5th and used either a credit or debit card to look at their credit or bank statement and see if there are any fraudulent purchases on there,” Hornick said.


Four employees of the Golden Town Buffet were arrested: Min Chen, 47, Zhi Yun Li, 39, Qiaimin Zheng, 18, and Heng Li, 27, of Brooklyn. Li has been charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and unlawful possession of a Skimmer device. All four have outstanding federal warrants for deportation.

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