How the Cover Was Blown on Palestinian Hackers Spying Against Israel

Oded Yaron reports:

A group of Palestinian hackers uncovered in January resumed their work against Israel in April, an Israeli security firm has announced. ClearSky Cyber Security also revealed the main activist behind the group.
This was the second report on the group by ClearSky, which published in January that the group has operated since 2012 against Israel. The group is believed to be connected to what has been referred to as the “Benny Gantz virus,” which targeted several government offices in 2012 by using the name of the then-IDF chief of staff.

How did they uncover the identity? One of those human error foul-ups, it seems:

ClearSky CEO Boaz Dolev said that the first hint of Ayesh’s identity was a Word document in which he forgot to erase details, including his email, from the document’s properties. The investigators used this email to discover his various accounts on social media,

Read more on Haaretz.

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