How to ensure a lost mobile device won’t cause a data breach

ID Experts points us to a post by Pamela Lewis Dolan:

Physicians who own mobile devices should make the following assumption: If they lose a smartphone or tablet, someone is going to try to see what’s on it.

With an estimated 80% of physicians using a mobile device on the job, a lot of patient data is vulnerable to breaches unless steps are taken to protect it. Data encryption is the one thing that protects physicians from having to report a breach if data go missing. But ensuring data encryption on a mobile device can be a little tricky. At the least, there are other ways to help ensure that data aren’t accessed if you happen to leave your phone behind in a taxi or at a restaurant.


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  1. Anonymous - March 27, 2012

    Thanks for the shout out!

    • Anonymous - March 27, 2012

      I try to give credit where it’s due. 🙂

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