HP sued over exploitable printers

In whats becoming a very common thing yet another PC giant is being sued over products that have known exploits in them. The case comes with the recent exploit that was exposed that allowed a hacker to remotely access the printers and cause "major" damage to them. Last week plaintiff, David Goldblatt of New York stated that he would not of purchased two of the said HP printers if he had known about it, the lawsuit it self is towards HP for allowing the printers to be sold while allegedly having prior knowledge to the exploit. The Original public security issue was raised by researchers in the computer science department at Colombia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science in late November. They told media that the printers’ "Remote Firmware Update" feature, which checks for software updates whenever a new printing job starts, could allow hackers to install customized firmware that would grant them full control of the printer. Currently HP said they aer still working on a fix for the problem but they said it doesn’t pose as much risk as they public is making it out to be. Its a sad but true fact that in these modern days companies can pretty much get away with doing this, but it is good to see some people starting to stand up to them.

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