HU: Brendon notifies customers of ransomware attack reports (translated):

On Wednesday morning, Brendon Gyermekáruház Kft. Informed its customers by e-mail that its system was affected by a cyber attack. As a result, not only did user accounts and online shopping become inaccessible for a while, but attackers also had access to user data.

The company writes as early as December 19, it was detected that the IT system had been hit by a cyber attack. According to the investigation, the attack was carried out using Zeppelin-type software, which also penetrated the firewall and the anti-virus system.


The retailer of baby clothes sent an email to customers that did inform them of the attack and potential customer data acquisition.  A notice on their site wasn’t quite as forthcoming, simply referring to a “technical error” (or maybe something got lost in translation?):

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