Huge Bitcoin sell off due to a compromised account – rollback

On Mt. Gox site:

[Update – 2:06 GMT] What we know and what is being done.

  • It appears that someone who performs audits on our system and had read-only access to our database had their computer compromised. This allowed for someone to pull our database. The site was not compromised with a SQL injection as many are reporting, so in effect the site was not hacked.
  • Two months ago we migrated from MD5 hashing to freeBSD MD5 salted hashing. The unsalted user accounts in the wild are ones that haven’t been accessed in over 2 months and are considered idle. Once we are back up we will have implemented SHA-512 multi-iteration salted hashing and all users will be required to update to a new strong password.
  • We have been working with Google to ensure any gmail accounts associated with Mt.Gox user accounts have been locked and need to be reverified.
  • Mt.Gox will continue to be offline as we continue our investigation, at this time we are pushing it to 8:00am GMT.
  • When Mt.Gox comes back online, we will be putting all users through a new security measure to authenticate the users. This will be a mix of matching the last IP address that accessed the account, verifying their email address, account name and old password. Users will then be prompted to enter in a new strong password.
  • Once Mt.Gox is back online,  trades  218869~222470 will be reverted.


Read more on Mt. Gox.   TechCrunch also discusses the developments.

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