Huge Data Leak From Ministry of Economy of Poland By #Anonymous

about-us-trade-investment-trade-and-investment-central-portal Anonymous today have come out again with more leaked data in the name of #OpGoldenDawn. The most recent leak comes from Poland’s Ministry of Economy which follows the recent large leak of information from the Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) by the same Anonymous hacktivist. The data has been uploaded to Bayfiles in a 384MB rar package named govpl.rar and when uncompressed contains 434MB totaling about 530 files in different formats from the sub domain which redirects to> Departments of Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Embassies and Consulates were created to help Polish companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of internationalization. Our mission is not only to assist Polish companies as well as providing support to foreign companies interested in importing Polish goods and services as well as investments in our country. writes:

Good day good Sirs! Today we present you release of files and documents from the servers that belong to TRADE.GOV.PL and all it’s offices worldwide. <> basically its Ministry of Economy that got pwnd – a tiny bit of it which was enough to wreck havoc inside their network luuulzzzz In this particular release we deliver Belarus office of this notorious organization which is engaged in industrial espionage through it’s offices located at Embassies of Poland worldwide, basically all trade missions, no secret whatsoever are into spying but this particular office was stashed with internal reports by the polish anti-corruption bureau and it’s intelligence wing. Inside you will find accesses to vpns, emails, databases and many more We do not respect such actions by Veslav Pokladek of Poland and his puppies from the CBA so we deliver this leak. As many offices are out there we will try to ship them to you one by one enjoy the leak and don’t get any on ya lulz

The hacktivist have also stated that by the end of the week there should be a critical leak of emails from the Italian government and that the previous leaked data from the Greece was obtained by interception of credentials which leaves one thinking just how secure these government system actually are. Data from the leak contains copy’s of passports, documents, screen shots of breached email boxes and the contents, documents come from locations like the world bank and private company’s with most documents being on polish its going to take some time to figure out all the critical information within. There has also been a gallery created on imgur of a preview of the files from this leak.

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