Huge Swedish Data Leak Punished With (Only?) Half a Month’s Paycheck

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

The Swedish government has exposed sensitive details on millions of citizens in one of the biggest government screw-ups ever, and the official responsible for the whole fiasco was fined only half of her’s monthly salary, which is 70,000 Swedish krona — or around $8,500.

The leak happened in September 2015, when the Swedish Transport Agency (STA) decided to outsource the management of its database and other IT services to companies such as IBM in the Czech Republic, and NCR in Serbia.

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  1. ECA - July 23, 2017

    This is very strange. They decided to fire 1 IT group, install another, and SHIP the control Over to another country to do the Work??
    And the problem is the IT people bypassed security precautions, and JUST UPLOADED it to 2 other other countries.

    Its not that the DATA is lost. ITS who pushed to close down the IT dept. and FORCED them to RUSH the job..

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