Humana notifies members after it detects suspicious behavior in its interactive voice response system

Here’s something we don’t see everyday, and it involves Kentucky-based health insurer HumanaHumana’s technology team became suspicious after there were a number of calls to an 800 number of Humana’s that involved their Interactive Voice Response system where the caller was able to authenticate as a member by providing date of birth, zip code, and Humana ID number or Social Security Number, but then never went further with the system to request anything.  So were the calls simply to verify the accuracy of member information in preparation for some other attack or misuse? It wasn’t clear, but Humana wisely took action.

Humana blocked the phone numbers associated with the suspicious calls, notified members, and offered them protective services through Equifax’s Credit Watch Gold service. And of course, they continue to monitor for any other suspicious behavior.


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