Hundreds Of Files With Personal Information Found In Greenwood

Krystel Sherrell reports:

Greenwood police are investigating after nearly a dozen folders of paperwork containing personal information were found in the middle of a busy street.

“There were hundreds, if not, close to a thousand pieces of paper,” Jacob Bowling said. “There had to be at least 200 names in there.”

It’s an old story – documents left in a storage unit that is subsequently auctioned off for nonpayment, and the contents are just discarded, it seems:

Police said the paperwork came from Scatco Abstracts & Title Insurance, which was bought out by Three Rivers Title Services, Inc. Now, Three Rivers has a new owner, as well.

“The owner of Three Rivers Title, instead of taking the file folders and discarding them, he placed them in a storage unit,” Nicholas Driscoll, Greenwood Police Department said. “The storage unit has since been auctioned off because of non-payment and that’s where the folders were discovered after they left the storage unit.”

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