Hundreds of Millions of Android Smartphones hit with ‘Certifi-gate’ Security Breach

According to the researchers at security firm Check Point, “Hundreds of millions of Android smartphones may be at risk from a security flaw that allows hackers to hijack a handset without a victim’s knowledge. Devices made by Samsung, HTC, LG and ZTE, including those running the latest version of Android, are potentially vulnerable. Check point has dubbed the flaw “Certifi-gate.”

The company said that software installed on smartphones by the manufacturers, which cannot be disabled by users, could be exploited by malicious apps, giving them privileged access to the device.

This means hackers could steal contact information and other personal data, track a user’s location, and remotely activate the smartphone’s microphone without the user’s knowledge. Gabi Reish, Check Point’s vice president of product management stated that “it would make it a remote spying device.”

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