Hundreds of private medical documents scattered on Albuquerque street

Brittany Bade reports:

At first glance, it just looked like a lot of litter lining the street, but when concerned citizens stopped to look, they realized these discarded papers hold information no one would want out in the open.

“I’m floored. I don’t even know yet how I feel,” said a patient named Renee.

Renee is one of dozens of patients who had their personal medical information scattered along Avenida Cesar Chavez at I-25.

“It’s personal information. I had to sign a HIPAA form to protect my privacy,” said Renee.
On these documents, are patients private medical histories, social security numbers and billing information.

“That’s a HIPPA (sic) violation right there,” said a woman who stopped to help pick up the papers.

The records are all from the Turquoise Lodge Hospital, a state-run rehabilitation center specializing in treating pregnant women and parents trying to get clean.

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