Huntsville restaurant at center of credit card scam investigation

Note that this story is about a restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama and is not about Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant in Huntsville, Texas.

Margo Gray reports:

Several people have had their credit card information stolen, and it may be connected to an investigation into a Huntsville restaurant.

At least three more cases have been filed with Huntsville police in the past two weeks, adding to more than a dozen others.


Of more than a dozen Huntsville victims, many claim their credit card information was stolen after eating at the Smokehouse at Bridge Street.

Back in May, Smokehouse management released this statement.

“While only a small number of customers have been affected, we are aware of this situation and we are working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities.”

With new cases being filed and the victims still pointing at the Smokehouse, management released this statement.

“Unfortunately, incidents of this nature are on the rise throughout the region and across the country. Local law enforcement officials have told us that no evidence has been provided which supports that the restaurant is the source of the problem. “

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