IBM Employee Information Disclosed By Supplier In China

According to South Metropolitan Daily newspaper, the personal data of more than 1000 employees of IBM Shenzhen has been disclosed and used to apply for credit cards.

Employees of IBM Shenzhen found that their personal information had been disclosed and this data was used to apply for credit cards without their knowledge with a Bank of China outlet in Beijing. Some IBM employees in Dalian reportedly were also victims of this identity theft scam.

A Beijing-based company, which is one of the suppliers of IBM, had allegedly applied for the credit cards, which is called Foreign Enterprise Joint Name Card. Though the BOC outlet stated that it did not issue the credit cards since there were no signatures of the employees on the application forms, one of the employees from IBM said that his card had already been used.

A representative from IBM Shenzhen told local media that IBM would further investigate the case, but the person refused to disclose the name of the said supplier.

Source: China Tech Daily

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