ID: School district reports inadvertent disclosure

This item by Dr. Michael Garrett that appeared in the Clearwater Tribune appears to concern Joint School District #171 in Idaho.

At approximately 7:35 a.m. on March 19, a supervisor brought to my attention that an employee had discovered personal employee information on the district website.  The information was verified in a payroll report which inadvertently disclosed partial social security numbers of all JSD171 employees.  The PDF file was taken off of the website as soon as possible (near 8:15 am).

An investigation indicated that protocol was not followed and an alternate pdf file was uploaded to the website on March 1, 2018.  Our technology department investigated and preliminary results show that no backups had been made of our website.

Our attorney was contacted and indicated that we are not in violation of any breach as the information was inadvertently disclosed.  We have also reported to the Attorney General’s office as well as the Chief Information Officer of the Department of Administration.  The person who found the file had taken a screen shot of the information and was asked to remove this from their devices.

If anyone has the information from the website in any form, it is highly recommended by our attorneys to contact the District Office and delete the information as further dissemination could result in criminal charges.

It is the district’s duty to notify the public via statewide media under Statute 28-51-104(5)(a) of Idaho Code.

As Superintendent of the district, I apologize for the protocol failure and any trouble this might cause.

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