ID theft ring traced to stolen MVD document

KOAT reports a breach out of New Mexico:

About a month ago, Target 7 reported that Rod White, of Los Ranchos, was indicted on charges of fraud, forgery and identity theft. White tried to pass off fake checks using the state Taxation and Revenue Department’s account number. Officials knew little then, but APD detectives said they have linked White to an organized crime ring that stole identities.

Investigators believe they used various methods to obtain personal information, including a stolen cache of state Motor Vehicle Division documents. One victim said a woman stole her purse right out of her hand in broad daylight at an Albertson’s in the Northeast Heights. Purse snatchings like that one led police to five more people who are also now accused in the theft ring. Those people told detectives that they worked with White.The six are accused of also stealing mail from neighborhoods all over the Duke City. Detectives said the six had a postmaster key they used to open up mail boxes and get information from hundreds of victims. A search of two of the alleged thieves’ homes uncovered more than 400 potential victims. A cache of state Motor Vehicle Division documents with names, Social Security numbers and addresses was also found. Detectives said that the documents were stolen from an MVD worker’s car, parked outside of his home. The documents were used to make fake IDs and fake checks. Police said more arrests are coming soon as the case unfolds..

So I checked this site and I don’t see where we knew about any breach involving the Motor Vehicle Division. Was that breach ever publicly reported? Second, why did the MVD worker have documents in a car? Was that consistent with MVD policy?

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