Identity breach affects hospital

Another entity involved in the February smash-and-grab theft of a computer from Systematic Automation, Inc. has been identified: Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital. The stolen computer was recovered and the thief arrested.

Airan Scruby writes in the Whittier Daily News:

About 5,000 past and current employees at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital had their private information stolen, officials said Wednesday.The data included Social Security numbers, birth dates, full names and other records stored on a desktop computer that was stolen from a Fullerton data management group on Feb. 11.


A letter informing employees that their information was in jeopardy was dated March13, more than a month after the breach.

Spokeswoman Terri Starkman said the hospital would not comment about the lapse between the theft and notification.

Full story – Whittier Daily News

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