Identity theft allegedly occurs at hospital

Another case of medical identity theft, it seems. Seen on

A 45-year-old California woman reported that when she tried to purchase a house in Hemet, Calif., she was denied the loan because of a $10,000 debt she allegedly owed to Salina Regional Health Center that showed up on her credit report.

Manuela Chavez said that not only has she never been to Salina Regional Health Center, she has never been to Salina, according to Salina police Capt. Chris Trocheck.

The Patient Financial Services Director at Salina Regional reported to police that she was contacted by Chavez, who contested the outstanding debt.

Trocheck said someone allegedly used Chavez’s identity to obtain hospital services on four different occasions between March 22, 2009 and Oct. 15, 2014.

So the hospital will be on the hook for the $10,000.  And what can Chavez do about the fact that a hospital she never went to has a file in her name with incorrect medical information about her? Is SRHC sharing that file with other hospitals and providers?

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