IDF Information site hacked, 600+ accounts leaked for #OpIsrael v2

idf_info Latin hack team hackers have today been on a spree of dumping data from israeli based site for OpIsreal which is still currently going. One of the sites that they have dumped today appears to be an official contact and information site for the IDF, Israeli defence force( The attack was announced on twitter and posted to anonpost by the main Latin hack team account @TeamLHT. > 200+ Users #Leaked of Lone Soldier Information Israel Army… @youranonnewskr @channelzeroyt @lulzsecwiki — LatinHackTeam (@TeamLHT) April 7, 2013

The attack has left 679 accounts leaked with users email addresses and mixed encrypted and clear text passwords. Follow Opisrael on twitter for live updates.

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