IDF, Israel Defence Force Attack Iran Websites in Middle East Cyber War

content/images/gallery/random3/hacked-by-idf-team.png Yesterday we reported that a few hospitals came under attack in Israel, as a result of this many Israeli hackers have become pissed off and unleashed more attacks agasint Iranian websites and have plans for many more. The attacks are coming from IDF otherwise known as Israel Defence force team and are aimed purely towards arabs as you can see from the screen shot above. The message which comes form an anonymous, thats anonymous as in unknow,  Israeli hacker who has left the below message for the world to read.

Hey everyone, because of attacks on websites of a hospital "Shiba", and "Haaretz" Newspaper, as we said the previous attack was just the beginning. If the Arab hackers thought that the attack on the Israeli websites will pass in silence – I have to said all Arab hackers —> You have a mistake. Today 26.1.12 , at 16:30 Israel Clock the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education website will be down until further notice. In addition to the Iran’s television network, broadcasting in English round-the-clock, Based in Tehran that called "PressTv" will be down until further notice. Also there are other Iranian sites were hacked just for fun at the following addresses: The Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education website URL: and Iran’s Television Network website URL: Ahmadinejad what do you have to say about that ??

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