IE: Personal details of almost 2,000 civil servants incorrectly ‘leaked’ – PSEU conference

Caroline Crawford reports:

The personal details of almost 2,000 civil servants, including their pps numbers and detail of leave taken, was incorrectly “leaked” in a major data breach, the PSEU conference has heard.

The incident which happened in the past week occurred when a spreadsheet containing the personal details of 1,914 civil servants was inadvertently shared with two HR managers by Peoplepoint, the civil service’s shared human resources service.

The personal information included the name, gender, pps number, employment details, grade, work pattern, details of special leave taken, nature of special leave, reason for leave applied for and dates and duration of that leave. All the information was unencrypted.


For my fellow Americans, “pps numbers” are Personal Public Service Numbers, which are unique reference numbers that helps individuals access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland.

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