IL: 2002 records unintentionally released

I missed this breach involving Eastern Illinois University that was reported in the Daily Eastern News several weeks ago, but noticed it:

Coarsely shredded documents displaying the names and Social Security numbers of Eastern employees in 2002 have been unintentionally released because of improper disposal.

“EIU officials are still in the process of determining which years’ information was made available; at this point, only records from 2002 are known to be affected,” stated a press release from Janice Hunt, the public information specialist for the university, Monday evening. “People who have been determined to be at risk will be notified once that determination is made.”


The Coles County Sheriff’s Office notified the university at 10 a.m. Friday that shredded records had been dumped alongside a roadside.

On Monday, a student worker in the Records Management Office told a supervisor that he had taken the bag that was found, as well as an additional bag, for use in a prank, the press release stated. The second bag was found after a thorough search.

This incident is still under investigation.

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