IL: Blessing details defenses amid increasing health system cyber-attacks

Ryan Hill reports:

Hospitals and health systems are finding themselves in the crosshairs of cybercriminals more frequently. According to third party cybersecurity company Black Kite’s 2021 Third Party Breach report, attacks on healthcare companies accounted for nearly a third of attacks in 2021.

Blessing Health information security chief Todd Haverstock said he has seen the number of attempted data breaches against Blessing rise over the last year and half.

Haverstock said they have had a few near misses, but no breaches. If patient data was breached, they would notify the proper officials.

Read more at WGEM.

While there is nothing particularly dramatic about this news report fro WGEM, is posting it because of the denial that they have had any breaches.

Several months ago, there was a listing on RaidForums that offered patient data — allegedly from this same Blessing Health System.  When examined the data provided as a sample, however, none of the patients were from Illinois, where Blessing Health has all of its locations and patient care.

The poster did not respond to an inquiry asking them why they claimed the source of the patient data was Blessing Health when none of the patients were from that state. Nor did Blessing Health respond to a contact form inquiry from this site asking them about the claimed breach.

The same listing was subsequently posted under another username on a Russian-language forum where data leaks from RaidForums was often re-posted.

Listing on Russian-language forum claiming to have Blessing patient data.

Because the leak link expired quickly, there was no discussion of the data on that forum. continues to doubt that the claimed breach was actually a breach of Blessing Health in Quincy and their spokesperson’s statement to WEGM seems to confirm that.

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