IL: CEFCU warns of possible security breach (Update2)

Steve Tarter reports:

The CEFCU credit union is contacting an unspecified number of its members about a possible security breach due to the theft of a laptop computer that contained some members’ names and account numbers.

“We have to be careful. At this time, we have no evidence that any personal information on the laptop has been accessed or used,” said Mark Spenny, CEFCU’s president and CEO.

“Letters went out to a small percentage of our members and a very small number of letters will go out this week,” he said.

Read more on The Journal Star.

Well, that doesn’t tell us too much.  When did the theft occur?  How did it occur?  If anyone received a notification letter, please e-mail it to this site.

Update of 11-16-11:  Pekin Daily Times has some additional details on the breach:

The “off premises” theft of the laptop took place before Nov. 4, according to a letter the company issued to members dated that day. The news release followed inquiries by the news media, including the Daily Times, seeking further details of the theft and its potential ramifications.

Information on the stolen laptop included names, addresses and account numbers of what the company said in its news release was a “small percentage” of its customers. A specific number of those affected was not released.

But some of you probably knew that already because you received the letters. How about someone scanning in their letter and e-mailing it to me so I can upload it.

Update 11-18-11: Thanks to a reader, here’s a copy of the notification letter.

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  1. Tom R - November 15, 2011

    This is ridiculous, I received one of these letters and I live in California. The fact that my information that was supposedly compromised brings chills down my spine. Ive worked long and hard to establish the credit history that I have and for it be jeapordized because some irreponsible un trained employee, their will be a lawsuit filed. Your organization needs to get with times and virtulize your processes, this type of information can not be held on laptop computers in this day an age!!

    • Man Wtf - November 15, 2011

      I too received this letter. What a pathetic organization. What will we have next? Someone absconds with 16 gb of user data on a USB stick?

  2. admin - November 16, 2011

    Please see update to the entry, above. And perhaps one of you could send me a copy of the disclosure letter?

    • admin - November 18, 2011

      Thanks to the reader who sent it in. It’s now uploaded, here.

  3. Kevin - November 22, 2011

    I too rec’d this letter and I live in CA. Could not agree more what Tom R. says. What the fuck is my personal information that I covet and have protected for my entire life doing on your pathetic company’s laptop in the front seat of someones car? There will be a lawsuit. At minimum, at least a lifetime of credit protection compensated from Mark Speeny, CEO. He should be held accountable as this should have never happened. Get with the times.

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