IL: Confidential CPS Documents Found Dumped in Alley

Erin Mendez and Sean Leidigh of WGNTV report:

Years of CPS [Chicago Public Schools] student’s confidential, sealed records somehow made their way to a Lakeview alley early this morning.

“I came upon my dumpster, totally filled. See this box? Sped –special education records..Lakeview,” said Art Kuesel, who found the documents behind his home.

Inside, he found scores of files, clearly labeled by name, thick with highly personal information.

“Pictures, home addresses, parents information, results of psychological tests,” said Kuesel.

Buried among the paperwork was social security numbers, SAT scores and a slew of taped envelopes, with the words “to be opened only by the psychologist.”


There was a common thread on the students records. a signature from Lakeview High School’s now retired case director of ten years, who had this to say about the dumped files, “Those records are highly confidential and as far as i’m aware, should be kept sealed indefinitely.”

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