IL: FHN Memorial Hospital reveals hard drive with patient info was stolen in December

Adam Poulisse reports:

A computer hard drive containing patient information was stolen from FHN Memorial Hospital in December.

The hard drive did not contain medical records, but did have internal reports and spreadsheets with patient data, according to a FHN news release.

The files may have included a patient’s name, Social Security number, contact information, birthday, ethnicity, medical record number, patient ID numbers, unique patient encounter number, date of service and description of the procedure, type of examination and diagnoses, name of physician, insurance provider, medication information and date of discharge.

The hospital has notified patients whose information may have been stolen, and advised them how to take steps to protect themselves.

Read more on Rockford Register and Journal Standard.  I can’t locate a copy of the press release online, and there is no statement on the hospital’s site at this point.

Update March 7, 2016: The incident was reported to HHS by the Freeport Memorial Hospital as affecting 1,349. If there’s a notice on their web site, I still can’t find it.

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  1. Kimberly Jackson - March 2, 2016

    That’s crazy all my personal information out there that’s suppose to be confidential.. Is this why I been gettin miss treated everytime I cum to the e.r. Maybe I should talk to the mayor bout this since Dr. Perry won’t do his job that needs to be done. I’m so hurt by this there sum one out there who got all my information. That I thought was confidential ?

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