Jun 102010

Bruce Rushton reports:

Admitting that it “goofed,” the city of Springfield put documents online that contained sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, home and work telephone numbers and even a bank account number and the name of someone who called the state anonymously to report suspected child abuse.

The documents were posted on the city’s website in response to Freedom of Information Act requests as part of an initiative to make public information available to anyone with a computer. But personal information such as home phone numbers, Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers are exempt from disclosure under state law.

Read more on the State Journal-Register.

  One Response to “IL: Springfield publishes private info on FOIA website”

  1. Goofed. Interesting term. Not one I would use – stupid, ignorant, distracted, unaware of security protocol. How do we know this information, while now down from the city database isn’t cached somewhere.

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