IL: St. Charles students expelled after computer hack

I wasn’t going to post this story from the week before Christmas, but because @Cyber_War_News tweeted it to me and in light of recent hijinks over PlayStation Network and Xbox, I’ve re-thought things.

Associated Press reports:

St. Charles school district officials have expelled two high school students who they say shut down the district’s computer network.

St. Charles Unit District 303 officials said the students used their cellphones to overload the district’s servers, The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reported ( ). Teachers were blocked from various online grading and homework programs for nearly a month, officials said.

“It clearly made life very difficult for our teaching staff,” Superintendent Don Schlomann said. “I think, clearly, that had a great deal of impact on our classrooms. And that was the most concerning part of this for me.”

Read more on Washington Times.

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