I'm a neurotic. IBM told me so.

Joseph Volpe writes:

I’m a late Wednesday afternoon tweeter. It’s not a characteristic I’d necessarily include on any of my dating app profiles, but it accurately sums up my online behavior nonetheless. I’m also a tremendous neurotic (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well) who embraces self-expression, challenges and change. I’m that personality pie chart you see up above. I’m an open book, or at least my Twitter profile is to IBM.

Michelle Zhou greeted me with that handy personality breakdown when we met at IBM Research’s Almaden lab in San Jose, California; she’d taken the liberty of finding out my Twitter handle beforehand and compiling the results. Zhou’s the lead researcher for a platform called System U that analyzes the big data generated from an individual’s socially networked life — be that Facebook, Twitter, emails or even chats — to determine their values, beliefs and personality traits.

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