Important CoinTracker security update

Forwarded to DataBreaches by a reader.

From: CoinTracker <[email protected]>
Subject: Important CoinTracker security update
Date: December 2, 2022 at 9:37:19 PM MST
To: [redacted] Reply-To: [email protected]

Dear CoinTrackers,

On Dec 1st, 2022, we discovered a leaked list of emails and referral links of CoinTracker users online. No other personal or financial information was leaked, and there is no additional action you need to take at this point, but we want to share an update on the situation with you.

What happened
The breach was part of a larger data compromise that affected one of our service providers, which they have since resolved. Our own database was not compromised at any point.

What information was involved
You are receiving this email because your email address was part of the leaked list. While this does not give anyone access to your CoinTracker account, there may be an increased likelihood of phishing email attempts.

What you can do: safety recommendations
Remain vigilant against potential attacks and take necessary precautions when handling important personal information online.

  1. Be cautious of phishing emails from addresses trying to impersonate CoinTracker. Double-check all correspondence claiming to be from CoinTracker before responding or taking any action, as these emails could contain fraudulent requests for sensitive data or funds. Please do not engage with any email claiming to be from CoinTracker that does not come from our domains.
  2. Check the URL of any page linked in a CoinTracker email. Make sure that you are actually going to Look out for deceitful emails with close imitations to our official domain name. Our emails occasionally contain links to useful resources from reputable sources, likewise, check that these URLs are correct.
  3. NEVER share or confirm your passwords or secret wallet phrases. CoinTracker will never ask you for these – in any format. Similarly, we will never ask for your name, SSN, or address.
  4. NEVER sign a wallet transaction prompted directly from an email. CoinTracker emails will never contain links that directly prompt you to sign a wallet transaction. This is a widely used tactic by scammers in the crypto space, and could result in the loss of your funds.
  5. Enable 2FA for your account. Having two-factor authentication (i.e. Google Authenticator or another token-based authentication app) provides an extra layer of security. This is a good best practice for any web login, not just CoinTracker. Read more about CoinTracker 2FA.

Reminder: CoinTracker does not have your private keys and we do not hold crypto funds — we have read-only access to exchange accounts and public blockchain addresses. CoinTracker takes security very seriously. You can read more about CoinTracker security here,  and for more information on how to avoid crypto scams, check out our tips.

The CoinTracker Team

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