Important Notice about FIPPA – Mandatory Breach Notification and Privacy Management Program Requirements Coming into Effect on February 1, 2023

Jeff Holowaychuk and Abigail Choi of Clark Wilson write:

Starting from February 1, 2023, public bodies in BC will be required to comply with the mandatory privacy breach notification and privacy management program provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  These new provisions were part of a package of FIPPA amendments introduced late last year which are only now slated to become effective.  Public bodies will need to act quickly to understand their obligations and be ready to comply early next year.

Mandatory Privacy Breach Notification

Under the new provisions, public bodies that experience a privacy breach that could reasonably be expected to result in significant harm to an individual are required to notify both the affected individual and the BC Privacy Commissioner of the breach without unreasonable delay.

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