Important: Notification of data breach on FIRST Forums

As seen on their site today:

Dear FIRST® Participant,

We wish to inform you of an event that may affect the security of your username and password on our FIRST forums.

What happened? On March 6, 2017, FIRST received a report of suspicious activity for two externally hosted websites – the FIRST Forum ( and FIRST Tech Challenge Forum ( FIRST immediately launched an internal investigation into this report to figure out what happened and what information may be impacted. While the investigation is ongoing, it has been determined that the two websites were accessed between January 21, 2017, and March 7, 2017. These websites are forums where members of the FIRST robotics community can ask questions that are answered by the FIRST community and forum moderators. No other FIRST websites, including the FIRST registration sites, were affected.

What information is involved? While the investigation into this incident is ongoing, participant information may have included participants’ usernames (individually defined, which may or may not include both first or last name), email address, date of birth, and encrypted password. No other personally identifiable, financial, or credit card information is stored on these websites.

What we are doing: Once FIRST received notice of the suspicious activity, the websites were immediately shut down. The organization has taken steps to address the vulnerability discovered to prevent further unauthorized access. FIRST is implementing additional security measures designed to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring, and to protect the privacy of the FIRST community. Although the passwords were encrypted, all participant passwords were reset in an abundance of caution. At this time, FIRST does not believe that the individual who hacked the external websites accessed the computer network or that IT systems were otherwise compromised by this incident.

What you can do: FIRST encourages affected participants to remain vigilant against incidents of fraud. Although passwords were encrypted, in an abundance of caution FIRST is advising participants to change their password. The next time participants log in to the forum site, they will need to reset their password using the forgotten password feature on the Log In page. Additionally, if participants reuse the same password for other website accounts, FIRST strongly recommend changing passwords on those accounts.

For more information: FIRST values participant privacy and deeply regrets that this incident occurred. Participants who have questions about this incident, that are not addressed, can contact Customer Service at (800) 871-8326 or (603) 666-3906, option “0”, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, with any further questions.

Read the full announcement on First Tech Challenge.

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