In a first, the FCC is fining a major cable company for getting hacked

Brian Fung reports:

In the first such case against a U.S. cable company, federal regulators are slapping Cox Communications with a $595,000 fine after Cox allowed hackers from Lizard Squad to penetrate its systems and steal private customer information.

By posing as an IT administrator and tricking a couple of Cox employees into giving up their login credentials, a hacker known as “EvilJordie” broke into Cox’s databases and gained access to customer names, addresses, password recovery information and even “partial” Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers, according to the Federal Communications Commission. They also got hold of some customers’ telephone records.

Read more on Washington Post.

This post was corrected post-publication as …. well, I got brain fade and referred to a Comcast fine that has nothing to do with this. Sorry, folks. 

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