In: Bank alleges theft of proprietary data by former employee

V. Narayan reports on an incident in Mumbai:

A case of data theft has been registered against a former senior vice-president of a multi-national bank in the city.

The alleged crime was committed before she quit on April 21 and was revealed when the bank’s technical team received a system alert after she extracted confidential data and stored it in her pen drive before signing off, the cyber police said on Wednesday. The bank fears that she will misuse the stolen data for a bank which will soon start operations in the city with the backing of a big-time financial institution.

Read more on The Times of India.

Granting an employee access after they’ve quit and not having anyone standing right there to observe/supervise? No wonder they ran into problems:

“She got access, after quitting the job, on the pretext of taking down data stored in her computer system in her office. Bank officials complained that she took the data without the knowledge of anyone present on the premise,” a police officer with the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) cyber police said.

Neither the employee nor bank were named in the report.

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