IN: Eastern Hancock schools fall victim to ransomware attack

Eastern Hancock schools in Indiana were expected to be back up and running today after the district experienced a ransomware attack over the weekend.

When the district discovered the attack Monday morning, it shut down the entire network, preventing the attack from spreading. The shutdown also meant the district lost the ability to receive phone calls, control its HVAC systems and access the internet and printers.

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In related coverage, Jessica Kairns reported yesterday Superintendent Dave Pfaff had said that the attackers had not yet made a demand and their identity was not known.

“With all that schools have been through in the past year plus, we’ve kind of learned to be flexible and roll with the punches,” Pfaff said. “This was just a different kind of punch.”

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So far, there has been no local news update as to whether the district was back up and running or had returned to in-school but without some services.

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