IN: Employee social security cards, licenses and more found in dumpster

Fox59 found hundreds of employees files inside a recycling dumpster in Fishers. The files were full of copies of social security cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates and lots of other personal information. Information that anyone could have grabbed.


When Fox59 went through the folders, we found information on employees who used to work for KB Pizza, who at one time owned Domino’s Pizza stores throughout Indiana and a few in nearby states. Baker said his job at the Geist Domino’s was a summer gig before college.

A spokesperson for Domino’s told Fox59 that the company terminated the contract for KB Pizza about a month ago for a lot of reasons, including outstanding debts. The spokesperson said they do not know how those files ended up in that dumpster, but they had no part in them being put there and are also looking into what happened.

KB Pizza no longer owns or operates any Domino’s stores. However, KB Pizza is still listed as an active business with the Secretary of State. The owner is listed as Kevin Barber. The address listed on checks and other documents in the files we found are for a mailbox inside a UPS store. That store is in the same shopping center where the files were dumped.


Abby Kuzma with the Attorney General’s office said Indiana law requires business owners to protect their employees’ identities.

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So what will the Indiana Attorney General’s Office do now? This is an all-too-familiar scenario, and unfortunately, most states do not have laws protecting paper records or requiring notification in the event of a breach involving paper records. Can you hear me now, Congress?

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